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Finn is a happy guy who was found as a stray wandering the Appalachian Trail.  He is a cocker mix - a bit leggier than your average cocker - is under 2 years old and weighs around 30#.  Tons of puppy fun in this beautiful buff package!  If you're looking for a buddy to play fetch or learn a dog sport, the Fabulous Finn is ready for action.

Finn has been doing exceptionally well with his house-training.  He even uses the doggie door.  However, since he is young and new to the home, his foster family has been monitoring him carefully.  Finn has learned "sit" and and is working on other cues.  He comes remarkably well for a dog who is just learning his new name.  Finn's quirk is that he prefers to make the first move in your lifelong romance.  If you crouch down and let him come to you, we can guarantee you'll have a wiggly lap dog in five seconds flat.  But if you come on too strong (lean over him, grab for him), he will flinch away.  Therefore, Finn would prefer to go to a family of adults or one with teenagers who understand how to approach a dog.

After a quick sniff, Finn was climbing in his new foster parents' laps for snuggles.  He gets along well with the three other dogs in the house.  Finn loves running in the back yard and smelling all the wonderful scents of the outdoors before chilling out in a shady spot under a tree.  Indoors, he loves to play with toys: chasing after a ball, de-fluffing a stuffed toy, tugging and throwing rope toys... he loves them all!

This young guy is in the prime of his life and will make an awesome companion.  Because Finn can get overstimulated with excitement, we are recommending experienced dog owners for him.  A basic manners class will continue the work his foster parents are doing to teach him new skills, gain confidence, and build impulse control.  He is so eager to please (and earn treats)! Contact his foster family today to ask questions about Finn or arrange a meeting in the fur... but do it now, young pups like him don't stay on the market long!