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Koa recently arrived from Korea. We understand that he was a candidate for the meat market there and are thrilled that we are able to give him a chance for a wonderful life here in America.  Did you know that Koa is the name of a tree native to Hawaii?  The tree is a beautiful mahogany color that perfectly describes the color of Koa’s silky fur. The name means brave in Hawaiian.  That’s certainly fitting for this 4 year old, 20 pound little guy—traveling the distance and hoping for a new life.

It’s clear that Koa was someone’s pet at one time. He knows several cues (even if he doesn’t understand English!) like down, sit, shake, and roll over - proving how absolutely brilliant this beautiful boy is.  He also knows to drop it and leave it.

Koa house and crate trained.  He is very loving and wants nothing more than to be sharing life with someone that can offer him a lifetime of petting and snuggling, not to mention plenty of toys for playing.  Why has Koa not been snatched up immediately?  Koa has a tendency to resource guard - he has guarded his "person" both from other animals and from her spouse.  His foster family is working with him on the issue, and he will need an experienced adult-only adopter to continue his training in that area.  

Since arriving at OBG, we also discovered that Koa has seizures that require an inexpensive medication given twice a day.  The medication won’t stop the seizures but will reduce the frequency and severity.  He’s a young boy and should have many more years to live and love. 

Sound like a good match for you? Please contact his foster family for more information at the link below.