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Adult | Female | Adopted

Likes Kids?
Coco is a 7 year old, 28#, gorgeous, bouncy girl with a coat like velvet.  She has eyes that will melt your heart and make you want to hug her.  Sh is a very smart girl who knows many words and cues, and she'll occasionally give you a knowing glace.  She does not beg for food, and she accepts treats very carefully.  She sits like a proper dog without being told when she sees you pick up her leash.  Outside is a big adventure for her, full of great scents.  Coco is a really fun companion who, when feeling frisky, likes to play dare with her person or run for a ball.  She loves to take walks, but needs help learning better leash manners.
Coco loves keeping her person company, but she understands that humans have to come and go.  Leave her a snack and soft classical music and she does just fine.  Coco has excellent house manners.  No need to crate her.  She likes people and wants to meet everyone.  She seems to like being the only dog, but she does well meeting new buddies outside.  She might be okay with an older, low-key dog that isn’t interested in playing with her.  She does not like puppies.  A fenced yard with a high fence and maybe a few squirrel would really make her day.  
Coco is a very smart girl who would do well with an experienced adopter who appreciates a dog with a big personality.  She loves to cuddle and will come to you during the day for a quick hug and then goes off to her favorite place to sit, sleep or watch for squirrels.  Her favorite thing is to curl up at the foot of the bed with her person at night.
Coco has a detached retina and cataract in her left eye, but the other eye is perfect (except for being dry which is treated with drops).  Coco doesn’t miss a thing even with vision in one eye.  She catches a snack as well or better than some dogs with vision in both eyes.  The vet does not expect that Coco’s right eye will develop a cataract.  She visits the eye vet every 6 months.
Coco is such a great dog who keeps her foster mom amused and smiling, but she is ready to move on to find her forever home.