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Meet Snickers!  This pup is so sweet that you'll want to gobble her up!  She is 7 months old (DOB 6/18/17) and weighs about 22#, though she still has a little bit of growing left to do.  As a puppy of a highly active sporting breed, this young one is an exuberant bundle of energy.  

Snickers loves everyone she meets, including dogs and cats.  She is house-trained and will go to the door when she wants out.  She is quite smart and is rapidly learning new skills with positive training.  She has down some basic cues, and so the next items on her list to accomplish are loose leash walking and crate training.  She does stay in the crate when her people go out, but she sleeps on the bed with the rest of the pack in the evening.

Snickers's #1 desire is a home with a nice-sized, securely fenced-in yard, so she can run.  This girl enjoys stretching her legs several times a day and burning off energy.  After that, she would prefer not to be left alone for more than 6 hours at a time, as long days are hard on a girl so young and so full of life.

If you think you could make Snickers happy, please contact OBG today.