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Hi everyone! My name is Porter, and I’m an 18-month-old, 38 pound cocker-hound mix.  My family is devastated they have to find me a new home because I am a great companion with many wonderful qualities, but being around very young children is not one of them!  I especially do not like them near my food!

Are you experienced with dogs and looking for a loyal wigglebutt?
  I will greet you with joy and my beautiful wagging tail.  Not only am I handsome, but I am super smart and love to learn new tricks!  I already know the commands sit, stay, down, leave it, kiss, paw and high five and would like to learn more!   I’m house-trained and crate trained.  As a matter of fact, I love my crate.  You can get me up early or sleep late!  I will wait nicely for you to come get me in the morning, even if I hear you moving around!  I also am good about long car rides in my crate.  I am lucky to get to go to the beach often!  I love to take leisurely walks where I get to smell all the great scents out in the world, but I can also keep a good pace when encouraged.  I will kindly say “hello” to every human that walks by, but I am particular about my doggie friends and working on learning to greet all of my kind in a nice manner.  I usually like a good treat as a distraction!  I love playing with other dogs and get good reports when I play at doggie daycare, but I am not a good toy sharer, so I am looking to be the only dog in my home.  I am groomed regularly, and my groomer says I have become one of her star clients.  And, if you bring me home from a rainy walk, I will gladly let you dry my feet!

As I mentioned, I am looking for an only-dog home and, of course, no children under the age of twelve.  If you would like to learn more about me, please send an email to my foster at the link below.