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Mary Jane

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Hello!  My name is Mary Jane, and I'm a petite spaniel/beagle mix at only 22 lbs.  I'm 4 years old, housebroken, gentle, cuddly, great with other dogs of all sizes, love everyone I meet and pretty near perfect, if I do say so myself.  

I have quite a story to tell you.  I ended up on death row at a shelter through no fault of my own.  You see, I am diabetic, and my body recently went into something called ketoacidosis because I was not on any medication for my illness.  This meant that I was a very sick little girl when I arrived at the shelter.  The good news is that the shelter paid for me to receive life-saving care. The bad news is that after the shelter saved my life, a rescue had to pull me from the shelter within 24 hours, I would be put down because of lack of space.  Talk about scary!

Enter this wonderful rescue called "OBG."  One of their incredible volunteers took a day off work to drive several hours to rescue me just hours before my life would be ended.  That was a close call!  I then went to one of their veterinarian offices, where the vet was able to get my diabetes under control and glucose regulated.  Once there, I heard that people were afraid to foster me because I need insulin injections. Fortunately, I am a very smart little girl, and I figured out if I were extra good when I get my injections twice a day, then maybe it wouldn't be so scary for anyone to foster or adopt me.  The truth is that really don't mind getting my insulin injections at all.  It doesn't hurt at all, and my foster mama, who was not sure about this whole needle/injection thing, told me it's really easy to do.  No need to find a vein - just pinch some fat and stick the needle in there.  The best part is that I get a treat after each injection!  Yum, yum.

My foster mama thinks that people will want to know how much it will cost to take care of my health every month.  She estimates that the insulin injections, syringes and prescription food will cost approximately $100 a month.  I will also need glucose curve tests every 6 months, which will cost about $100.00 each time.  I promise you, I'm worth the money!

Can you please give me a furever home?  If so, send an email at the link below!