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Honey's Konner

Baby | Male | Adopted

PUPPY ALERT!!!  OBG's "honorary cocker" Honey became a mommy on March 16th, and this is her puppy Konner!  Honey is an adorable 14# mutt (your guess as to what kind of mutt is as good as ours) who went into labor and gave birth the morning she was supposed to catch a ride north to OBG.  Needless to say, her trip was delayed.  Konner is available for adoption now!

Konner is SUPER cute and becoming quite the little playful guy!  He bats at his sister and Honey in play, is starting to chew on things, and is getting around much quicker!  He has even let out little barkish noises when playing.  With eyes wide open, he is curious to get out and explore the world!

Before applying for a puppy, please carefully consider the following issues.  Will someone be home every 3-4 hours to let the puppy outside?  Our general rule of thumb is that if a dog needs to be crated more than 6 hours/day total, then that dog is the wrong one for the person's lifestyle. Please consider Puppy Kindergarten classes - it is never too early to start training. More  dogs under the age of 3 years are euthanized for behavior issues than for illness.  Puppies (and dogs) are expensive.  It can cost over $1,500 a year to care for a dog (vet check-ups, shots, spay/neuter, heartworm/flea tick preventatives, food, and other supplies).  Lastly, please consider your summer travel plans before applying for a puppy.  We do not adopt puppies more than 1-2 hours outside of the Washington DC area (we will adopt to Richmond and Baltimore).