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Senior | Male | Passed Away

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Hi, I’m Choco—and you can see why they call me that. I’ve been a “work in progress” since last October. I’m one of the FALLtastic 14 who lost our home due to a change in our family’s living situation.  Thank goodness, OBG was able to take us in.  I was in pretty bad shape when I first arrived (malnourished, worms, skin problems, terrible teeth).  But now I am “ready to go,” and I’m lookin’ for that Special Someone.  Could that someone be you?

You just have to get to know me. I’m sweet as can be, born to snuggle.  I’m a little guy at 25 pounds, friendly and outgoing, and I love walking with my canine brothers and sisters.  Chasing squirrels and rabbits in the backyard is about the best fun I’ve ever had.  But, what I dream of most is sitting up close to my Special Someone.

I have my faults too, of course.  I have to take heart meds, I hate being alone, and I’m deaf—but at 14 years, I’ve heard it all.  I know I can fit right into your routine.  Are you looking for a cutie like me?  I know I would love to meet you so please contact my foster family at the link below.